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Examination system constitutes the summit of an academic edifice of any educational institution. A sound examination system seeks to bring about the ultimate transformation of the cognitive acumen of its students and hence, serves to recruit the best talent into the wider society. With the diversification of academic curricula over the years, the ambit of responsibilities owned by examination systems worldwide has broadened beyond the extent. All this is reflected in the smooth functioning of the modern day examination systems which have not only succeeded in conducting the examinations of overwhelming student base in a time-bound and fool-proof manner but, have also ensured the timely award and issuance of degrees in time. Given this, we at IUST have resolved to attune our examination system in the wider interest of ever-increasing student base by bringing in reforms at various levels of examination process. The switch over to digitalized mode of the examination system has proved to be a boon for its students as it hasn’t only minimized the time-lags but has also helped us in plugging the lacunae of the manual examination system. The fool-proof evaluation mechanism is considerate of the student interests as, it enables an evaluator to auto-check the mistakes, that might crept in the form of human error. The management part emphasizes to bring out the timely addressal and redressal of the student grievances besides serving to provide an ambient accommodation to them, ensuring the quality printing material for transcription of answers and other logistic support to the students as well as the examination staff. In totality, the well coordinated examination system of the varsity pledges to offer its students a cutting edge service so as to enable them to accomplish their timely goals and thus, bring out the best of their abilities for the collective good of the society. I as the controller of the university put forth my heartfelt wishes to all the students who aspire to excel in their lives. May God bless you all. Dr. Waseem Bari Controller Examination

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