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So much of what the world is composed of today is a marvel of mechanical engineering. Everything, right from the jam that we apply on our bread at breakfast to the flight we take when we go for a vacation, involves mechanical engineering. Generating steam for steam power plants, creating turbines to harness that power; creating powerful engines for transportation; designing aircrafts and automobiles to defy distance; manufacturing millions of utilities of diverse natures every single day, building robots to lead us into the future and so much more. Mechanical engineering is the cornerstone of industrialization and development. The basic areas of mechanical engineering include Mechanical Engineering Design, Thermal Engineering, Manufacturing Sciences, Material Sciences and Industrial Engineering. Mechanical Engineering also revolves around the interdisciplinary areas including Mechatronics, Robotics, Automation and Control Engineering. Mechanical Engineering is also involved in solving

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    Dr. Ovais Gulzar

    I/C Head of Department


Mechanical Engineering is one of the most fundamental branches of engineering dating back perhaps to the invention of the wheel. From times immemorial, Mechanical Engineering has shaped the world into what we see it as today. Mechanical Engineering i

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