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"The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple."
(Stan Gudder)

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is one of the few math departments in the country to offer a program in actuarial mathematics and the only such department in Jammu and Kashmir. It supports the University’s mission of fostering an interdisciplinary climate of scholarship and learning with an eye towards career development for our students. The Department offers four programs: B.Sc. (actuarial and financial mathematics), M.Sc. (statistics), Ph.D. (mathematics), Ph.D. (statistics).

The Department faculty have experience in both teaching and research and have published their work in well-reputed international journals. Our programs include experiential learning components through projects and internships. We also have a well-equipped smart classroom and a computer lab that is utilized for training in E

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    Dr. Peer Bilal Ahmad

    Head of Department


Welcome to the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

The study of mathematical sciences opens many doors for students. In today’s competitive job market employers are looking for candidates who can think creatively, logically and independen

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