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@IUST, our dogma is that every faculty member is a meaningful researcher and a potential innovator of products, processes. His academic pursuits and deliverance would get richer and stronger through research and innovation while engaging with scholars and colleagues. For this purpose, there must be an enabling research ecosystem driven by encouragement and recognition. The overarching role of Team Reaserch@IUST would be to integrate research, innovation, technology development, industry connect and facilitate community outreach. Our research policy is aligned towards catalyzing new research thinking as mandated in NEP 2020. It will cut across multidiscipline and interdisciplinary domains of knowledge, adopting best practices and forging strong tie-ups and collaborations. The journey of IUST from an academic university to a research-intensive university has begun. We invite you to be part of this exciting journey!

Prof. A.H.Moon
Dean Research

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